Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Decorations

I love Christmas time.
The day after Thanksgiving, Christmas comes out at our house. It always takes Clarke a day or two to get into the swing of things, mostly because he hates getting the bins of decroations down and messing up his garage (whatever!). After he gives into the fact that his wife is a Christmas fanatic, he himself gets right into the spirit of things. I caught him spending at least an hour on iTunes making a Christmas CD. We went up to the mountains the Saturday after Thanksgiving in search of the perfect Christmas tree to cut down. We struck out. I think we are Christmas tree nazi's and can't settle for anything less than perfect. After spending hours at different cut-your-own tree farms, we settled for a lot here in Rocklin with pre-cut trees.
At least it is tall, green, shaped perfectly and full.
Here's some pictures of our home all decroated for the most wonderful time of the year!

As you can tell, there are six stockings. No, we are not announcing anything, the mantle is just not symmetrical without a sixth one. Clarke figured it can be our pet's stocking, whenever we get a pet... I still need to embroider the names of the other family members on their stockings.


Carrie said...

hmm. i commented here yesterday and i swear it saved, but apparently i was wrong.

i LOVE christmas too. i'm always in an automatic good mood when all of the decorations come out and the christmas music comes on. we were a little impatient this year and started listening to christmas every night for about 2 weeks before thinksgiving.

Carrie said...

btw, i made the thanksgiving window with an old window my brother-in-law got from a house he was working on (he flips houses as a hobby). then i just stapled ribbon to the front and let it hang over the back (just because i liked the back side better) and taped our thankful strips onto the ribbon.

i'm going to keep it up and replace the strips of paper with all of the christmas cards we get this year.

The Walker Six said...

okay, so tell me you didn't make those stockings too, because I buy them everytime we have a baby too and I spend like 20$ each time! and I pay extra for the embroidering! I love that leaf garland too!