Saturday, January 17, 2009

If not NOW, then NEVER!

Okay, I am sitting down at the computer blogging, finally. Lilly & Owen are playing in Lilly's room doing who knows what and Wyatt is on my lap being a booger and only letting me type with one hand (he is so SPOILED!).
I figure if I don't post these pictures from Christmas Day, I never will.
We were in Utah for Christmas this year. We got 12 inches of snow on Christmas Day. It was perfect snow to play in. We love playing in the snow (not living in it!) and really liked watching the kids attempt to make snow angles, build a snowman and go 4-wheeling. It was a lot of fun.

Being true BYU fans, we were Alabama fans for a few weeks as our rivals, the Utes, were preparing to play them in the Sugar Bowl. Our snowman was dubbed a Bama Fan for the day!

Owen loved being on the 4-wheeler. He kept saying "a-dee-doo" (Owen language for motorcycle!). It was lots of fun!

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