Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Party Hats"

Last Sunday, we celebrated my Dad's birthday at our house with dinner and a dessert-fest afterward (for all those non-Wheeler''s a get together where we eat tons of desserts and have fun together...I know you're jealous!)
Well, I put Clarke in charge of wrapping Dad's gift and he wanted to make is extra hard for Dad to open it up. He put the gift-cards in about 10 layers of wrapping paper, in a box full of easter grass, easter eggs, and diapers (playing on the fact that he is getting old and is going to need them soon!)
Well, as Dad was opening his gifts he stuck a diaper on his head. Lilly thought it was hilarious and decided to put one on herself.

We all followed suit and put on our own "party hats."

I think my 80 year-old Grandma looked the best! What do you think?
I couldn't help was so funny! Happy Birthday Dad!

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Chandra said...

LOL!!! Looks like it was quite the party...How fun! You have such a cute...spunky family! :)
Happy Birthday to him too!