Sunday, March 29, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

I know this is a little after-the-fact, but I figure if I don't post them now, it'll never happen...

I really had a lot of fun celebrating St. Patrick's Day with the kids this year. It is so fun to see the kids' faces when they wake up and have green milk in their cereal bowls and sleep on their holiday-themed pillow cases (I have made a pillow case for each kid for each of the holidays). This year, we had a St. Patrick's Day themed dinner: Shepard's Pie, bread, green jello and green water. Then for dessert, we had green rice-crispie treats.

The kids wore cute green outfits (I got them the day after St. Patrick's day last year 50% off) to school.

Lilly's class came out after school in their Irish-face masks. She was Lilly O'Caldwell. Too cute!
I got some other really cute ideas for next year too...

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