Friday, May 8, 2009

Mack Daddy

We have been so blessed living here in California. California has the best services available to families with children that have disabilities. We have received services for 2 years now and have not paid one penny to anyone.
We have people in our home everyday who work with Owen. They have become part of our family as well. Usually we have one person per day, a couple time a week we have two or three. Every few weeks, we get them all here, 3 Tutors, 1 Lead and 1 Consultant (We also get the supervisor here a couple times per month, but she isn't pictured).
Owen certainly is the MACK DADDY when they are all here.
They all love him and Owen adores each one of them.
What boy wouldn't love being surrounded by 5 girls going goo-goo-ga-ga over him?


Holtbuster said...

how awesome is all that support! that's so great! what a blessing!

Sarah (Team Chilton) said...

That is really great that you're able to get that support. I will have to ask you about that because a friend of mine also has a son with autism (he's going to be 8 in the fall, so he's in school....the mom has read all sorts of books too). We have a lot of children (and a few adults) in our ward with autism (and my brother...did I ever tell you he has it too? He's 32). There are varying degrees (the "spectrum") and each of the kids in our primary are different (at least 4 are autistic, and there might be 2 more that have not been diagnosed yet).