Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hidden Falls

Clarke and I took the kids on a hike yesterday to Hidden Falls in Auburn, CA.
We hiked three miles down-hill to the waterfalls. Once there, we got to eat lunch on a deck that the park service had just finished building. The deck was perched on the side of the hill overlooking the waterfalls. Looking over the railing, we could see straight down into the river below. It was quite a sight.

We definately want to go back. 30 yards from the outlook deck were some newly built stairs taking you down to the river where it pooled into wonderful little swimming holes. It was far enough away from the waterfalls which made the pools fairly calm. We would have loved to have our swimming suits with us. Next time!
The hike back to the car was up-hill, but the kids did it! Clarke had to take turns carrying Lilly and Owen up a couple of switch-backs, but overall our little family was able to walk the entire way. We kept singing "Pioneer Children" as we walked and walked and walked and walked! It was so neat to be surrounded by Heavenly Father's beautiful creations. However, it was equally nice to jump into a cool, air-conditioned car afterward and head over to Mema and Bepa's to take a swim. Oh, we also hit up 7-11 for free slurpees on the way home too!


Chandra said...

FUN!!! I love going on 'adventures' as our kids like to call it! Hope all is well. The waterfalls sound BEAUTIFUL!!!

Melanie said...

Hey Bean! Found your blog through Chandra! So, it's so sad to say I've lived near Auburn for a long time, and I have NO idea where that's at! I've never even heard of it! But it sure sounds fun! Let me know if you want an invite to my blog.

PS. The last time we talked I think think you were opposed to having another rugrat! But I see you have the cutest little one there! Congrats! :)