Thursday, September 10, 2009


A couple weeks ago, we made the long trek to Utah...again! Have I mentioned that I absolutely dispise the drive? =)
This time, we went to try out our "new-to-us" boat. Clarke's dad recently bought a newer boat and wanted to keep his old boat in the family. We were very hesitant about getting a boat as our family is still very young. We decided to go out to Utah and see how the kids did.
Well, we had a BLAST! The kids did great considering their ages. Wyatt was a marshmallow man in his gigantic life jacket and fell over at each attempt to walk around on the boat. Lilly and Owen loved it!
When we finally made it onto the lake the first day, Lilly was NOT going to go tubing. I, however, knew that she would love it once she did it. When it was her turn, she was huddled on Grandpa's lap screaming and crying that she did not want to go. I persisted and physically made her get into the tube and try it. I think my in-laws thought I was an absolutely terrible mother for forcing my child (literally dropping her into the water kicking and screaming) to do something she seemed to fear.
After the boat started going, we could not wipe the smile off her face.

(Although and awful quality photo, here is Lilly on the tube with a huge smile on her face!)
My in-laws soon saw that I know Lilly like only a mother does. Once she is forced to confront her fear, and experiences something new, she has the confidence to do it again and again!
On a tubing ride with More Mema (Clarke's mom) and Auntie Abby (Clarke's sister)

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