Thursday, November 12, 2009


The other night, Lilly asked me if I could do a headstand. "Of course," I said. She quickly responded, "Show me!"
I quickly thought "Uh-oh! Can I really do a headstand anymore? It has been probably more than 20 years since I took gymnastics. Of course I can, it's just like riding a bike! It may not be pretty, but here goes..."
Here is what happened next:

What fun!


Court said...

I'm impressed!

Holtbuster said...

that is too dang cute! good job!

The Hills said...

I love it. I never took gymnastics and I am not flexible. However, when my kids asked if I could do a somersault, I told them I would try. I actually did several for them and they found it hilarious. Isn't it great that kids are able to talk you into doing things you didn't know you could do any more?