Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cruise in T-7 days

In a little over a week, Clarke and I will be going on a week-long cruise to the Western Caribbean. We are scheduled to leave on Saturday (can it really be that soon?! much to do still) from Miami, Florida.
All the excitement is starting to turn in anxiety for me. We are leaving our kids for
NINE days!
To prepare for our adventure, Clarke needed some new clothes.
After asking him to try on the clothes I bought for him for his birthday, he graced our presnece sporting this...

We are in for a fun vacation!
Thanks Mom and Dad (and all others who will be helping out) for watching the kids while we are gone!


Lindy said...

I'm totally, french doors, new outfit (okay...maybe not THAT outfit). :) Have a great trip, and Happy Belated Birthday to Clarke! Your house sure looks great - it seems like you're always doing something fun and new.

Carrie said...

yikes! : )

have fun on your cruise! of course, no kids, vacation? how can you not, really?

we have friends who are going on a cruise in april and invited us along but we're not going because we were worried about the kids. i'm really sad about it and i keep hoping we can change our minds. i'll be anxious to hear how it all went for you (if you missed the kids/they missed you/too long/too short, etc). then maybe i can convince brad that we can go.

ps love your french doors!