Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Wyatt has many nicknames. Some of them include:
and now...
Wyatt destroys anything in his path.
Picture #1

I LOVE Grape Nut Flakes cereal. I can only find it at Bel-Air which means it costs about $5 per box. I decided last time I was there to purchase two boxes so I have ample Grape Nut Flakes at my disposal. Well, that was until Wyatt got into the cupboard that we keep our cereals. He dumped the ENTIRE box of cereal on the floor, not once, but TWICE! Look at his face, total contentment. He wanted it and he got it! Good thing I bought two boxes!
Picture #2
Considering Owen is still learning the art of going potty in the toilet, we haven't engrained in him the need to close the lid and door after he is finished. The rest of us, however, are efficient in making sure the toilet lid and door are both closed after we are done. If we are not aware of Owen going potty, the door and lid get left open, and this happens. It has happened at least three times this week already, and it is only Tuesday! Good thing we get bulk TP from Costco!
PS I won't mention that his hands are wet from sticking them into the toilet and swishing the water around...YUCK!

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