Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lilly's room continued...

As promised, here are some updated photos of Lilly's room make-over.
We are ALMOST done!
Clarke's part is finished, it is just up to me to finish decroating.
Wait...I take that back, he still has to run electrical to her ceiling and install her new chandellier

We installed beadboard around the room, installed new closet doors, put in new moulding above the closets, sewed a new curtain, and FINALLY finished the pillow I made Lilly.
When I graduated from high school, my grandmother (Ireta) gave me a quilt she had made for me from scraps of material she had used over the years. Some of the material was even left over from dresses she made me. Others are very recognizable fabrics that grandma used all the time. After she passed away, I brought my quilt over to grandpa's house and went through literally dozens of bins full of fabric. I found some left-over fabric she had used on my quilt. Finally, after all these years, I took the fabric, along with new fabric I was using in her room, and created this yo-yo pillow. I LOVE how it turned out. I also love how it matches the quilt from Grammie Ireta and how when Lilly sees both, she'll be reminded of who she is named after.

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