Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wyatt's 2nd Birthday

On August 10th, Wyatt's actual birthday, we were driving home from Canada. We weren't really in a celebratory mood. Can you blame us?
A week later, we got the "Three Amigos" together to celebrate their birthdays. These cute boys were all born within ten days of each other. We're excited to see them grow up together.

We could NOT get the boys to sit together for a picture. So, we had the daddies help!

Wyatt wasn't too keen on the cupcake, while the other two dug right in!
We love Wyatt because:
He'll actually cuddles with us. Granted it is only for a few seconds, but it is a few seconds longer than Lilly and Owen would ever cuddle for.
He LOVES men! He has become completely attached to Daddy, Bepa and Brother Garrett. He'll chose them over me any day!
He has the personality to match the hair! He is one spit-fire, but we love it!
He actually naps longer than an hour. Now that's an accomplishment for one of our children.
Following in his big sister's footsteps, he LOVES his teddy bear.
He loves shoes. If he's in a bad mood, tell him to go get his shoes and he'll perk right up!

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