Monday, December 13, 2010

Family Pictures

True statment: We have never paid for professional pictures to be taken of our family. The last time we paid someone to take pictures was our wedding day (and technically my parents paid!). I don't really see the need to pay someone when it takes an army just to get ONE shot of the kids actually looking in the right direction with smiles on their faces (that's just my opinion, others may see the benefit of multiple candid shots of their children looking in various directions...they can be cute if done right!)
My dad is a very good photographer. He doesn't have any formal training, just years of practice. Each year, we have him take our family pictures. This year we opted for a nearby park with a stream running through. We got home from church, changed our clothes and off we went. We only had about 30 minutes of sunlight remaining, so we went FAST! We did our family, the kids, my brother and his wife, my parents and then all of us together.

Pretty good if you ask me! They turned out good enough for the Christmas card too!! (which I finally put in the mail today...HORRAY!)


Gretch said...

Super cute photos!! Way to go!

Carrie said...

we've never paid for professional pics either. sometimes i kinda want to, but they're just SO EXPENSIVE!!

these turned out really good! we finally took our pic a couple of days ago. at this rate, people probably won't get our card until after christmas.

chunkymonkey said...

These are great! I especially love the brothers photo! Our Christmas Card photos didn't turn out so much. Oh, well.