Monday, February 28, 2011

Ung Drill

I saw this at Ikea probably about a year ago.
It is Ung Drill (I'd like to know what that means in Swedish!?!?)
I bought it thinking I could come up with some creative something-or-other to do with it. Well, it sat under our bed for about a year.
Until yesterday...
I finally reached under that awful, never want to look, dusty, what the heck is lurking under there?, place and grabbed this Ikea beauty.
After a coat of spray primer, spray paint, and chalk board paint, here is the final result-
Unfortunately, I don't have any chalk laying around. Hubby was wondering why I decided to do chalk board paint in the middle. I told him I wanted to write him love notes. He laughed and said he'd have to see it to believe it! I might just have to steal a little piece of chalk from church on Sunday and surprise him with a love note!

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The Caldwell's said...

Didn't see a love note dear!! Your hubby! :)