Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Golden Gate Bridge

Owen is fascinated with bridges!

He zooms all over the world on our iPad via Google Earth looking at all the different bridges. Lately, we have been taking some fun family outings to different bridges around our area. We have visited the Jiboom Street Bridge in Sacramento (his all-time favorite) and the Foresthill Bridge in Auburn (the tallest bridge in California). Last week, we told him we were going to take him to the Golden Gate Bridge (another favorite). His face lit up with joy

It was the most BEAUTIFUL day in the City! It was warm and there was virtually no fog. We could see the Bay Bridge and the tall buildings in San Francisco. We were originally going to walk about half-way across, but Owen insisted on walking the entire way. We walked across to the Marin County side and had lunch. While we were walking, Owen would occasionally stop and look over the bridge to see the water and boats below. He was so happy!

After the bridge, we took the kids to Baker's Beach. They had fun chasing the waves (well, Wyatt was freaked out of the ocean) and writing their names in the sand.
It makes me smile inside knowing that Owen was so happy that day!

Such a fun family outing!

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TheTerry's said...

What a great family activity!! I love and miss the golden gate, very jealous!