Friday, February 13, 2009

Bathroom Update

Here is what we've been up to on Clarke's last two 4-days
(he works 48 straight and then has 4 days off)
We took out the ugly, out-dated flourescent lighting box and wired electrical to the wall so we can have a pretty vanity light fixture.

Then we patched the sheetrock. I think I still have a layer of dust in the ENTIRE house from the sanding.

Clarke taking out the old vanity and couter-top and sink

Me taking a whack at the bathtub tile. That felt so good, although it was a lot harder than I thought it would

The current state of our bathroom.

The only bright side to having a bathroom like this is that people have to use our bathroom (which is just as 1980's and ugly) so I have to keep our room clean. I like having a clean room.

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Lindy said...

You guys are impressive! And I loved reading random things about you, Sabrina. On some of them, I thought I was reading about myself :)!