Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Pictures

We had a very fun Easter this year. Just a little preface to the pictures: we have 8:30 church (I secretly like this time because the kids are the happiest and we get home and have the rest of the day together...mostly) which means we have to leave the house at 8:00 am to get there on time and get "our" seats. That being said, I was pretty amazed that we even had time to snap a few pictures before we had to be in the car heading to church. I knew taking pictures after was going to be near-impossible because the hair and outfits just weren't going to look the same after three hours of church. So, here's what we managed to capture...they do look pretty dang cute if you ask me!

After church, we hosted Easter dinner, with all the fixings! We had 11 people here and it was quite the feast. The table turned out adorable. I love a cute, well-decorated table. I am especially proud of the Pottery Barn Kids Easter Tree which was delivered to the house the week before. I love this tree. I have been searching eBay everyday for it (they don't sell them anymore in the store) and I found it and immediately bought it. I didn't care about the price. When Clarke came home from work and saw what all the fuss was about, he said it was ugly. I told him to shut-up! It'll be up year-round at our house, so it was well worth the money (I justified it by using the money I earn for cleaning my Grandma's house twice per month).
We hope everyone else enjoyed their Easter as wll!


Carrie said...

what beautiful children. they pose so well. i love the one of lily, posing by the flag. beautiful table and love the tree. good pick!

Carrie said...

hey! yeah, brad's home thursday. give us a call. we can totally hang out if you're up for it. are you coming out for anything in particular, or just to visit?

Sarah (Team Chilton) said...

You have the most beautiful children!!! I will always remember Lilly giving me a hug after I spoke in your ward when I came home from my mission. That totally made my day (when you were still in SL).
I had no idea you had a blog until I jumped around and found you. YAY!

Holtbuster said...

your kids are so beautiful!