Friday, May 8, 2009

Bathroom pictures

No, it's not done, but it is getting close...well, closer.
Needless to say, all of Clarke's spare time has been taken up by the bathroom project. One night, Clarke and I stayed up until past midnight tiling. Here are some pictures from that night:

We have now finished ALL of the tiling...HORRAY!
Now all we have left to do is:
grout, seal grout and tile, install beadboard (a.k.a. wainscotting), paint ceiling and walls, install vanity, paint mirror, install fixtures, install lighting, baseboards, shower doors, and decorate.
PHEW! Doesn't sound like we are even close at all when I look at that list.
I wanted to snap a picture of Clarke installing the floor tile and this is what I got:

I told him he looked like a goof-ball, and we tried again...
Even more goofy!
He is probably trying to make light of a seemingly never-ending project.
We are only on month 3!
We have started to grout and I'm taking on the task of painting while he's working for the next 4 days. We're getting there...

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