Friday, July 31, 2009

Elder Wheeler

Elder Chase Wheeler was called to the Canada Toronto East Mission. He reported to the MTC a couple weeks ago.
"Chasey" (as he is affectionately called in our home) is the kids' ALL-TIME FAVORITE cousin! Chase is the best! He loves playing with the kids and the kids can never get enough of him. He is wonderful with them. He plays games with them, swings them, throws them, and tires them out for Mommy and Daddy!
My favorite part about Chase is how excited he gets when he sees the progress Owen is making. One day after swimming, he sat on the hammock with Owen and just listened to him sing Primary songs. He is always aware of Owen's needs and does such a great job with him.
We will miss Chasey, but know he is exactly where he needs to be right now. We are so proud of him, and Clarke is especially excited because he is serving in Canada, where Clarke is from.
I hope my boys can be like Chase when they grow up!

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Gayle and Dave Wheeler said...

We are so lucky to have such wonderful cousins! Can't imagine our family life without them. Mom