Friday, July 31, 2009

Hotel Caldwell

Clarke and I made ourselves a goal this year that we would do lots camping with the kids.
After our first experience, we realized we needed a bigger tent. Clarke researched all of his options and came to this...
Yes, that is an enormous 8-man tent. We have dubbed it "Hotel Caldwell." It has a room divider, pleanty of room for two queen air matresses, a pack-n-play, and is tall enough for Clarke to stand. All that with LOTS or room to spare. It is is quite the "home in the dirt away from home."
We took the kids up last Sunday afternoon to a campground/lake just 30 minutes from our house. We wanted to experience camping with just our little family at least once. It was so neat to keep Lilly and Owen up late enough to see all the stars in the sky. A view like that definately puts things into perspective!
Although our trip was cut short by an overly-antsy 11-month old with 4 molars cutting through, we are so glad we went and can't wait for more!

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Sare said...

Someday I want to camp with my kids, but I am not a super camping person. A tent like that might make it a little better.