Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wyatt's First Birthday!

August 10th was Wyatt's First Birthday!
We celebrated his big day with a BBQ and swim party at Mema and Bepa's house. We kept it very simple (he's one year old and will have no recollection of this day in the future, why make it extravagant!?).
Wyatt was the first child that I let "dig" into his birthday cake. I didn't let the other kids as they were dressed so cute, I didn't want to ruin their clothes!. Well, of course, Wyatt didn't want any part of the cake. When he touched it, the look on his face was one of disgust. It was very humorous.

He had a lot of help opening his presents (even Lucy the dog helped!). Owen was not happy when he learned that the toys were Wyatt's and he'd have to wait to play with them.
We'll see if the walking comes with the aid of this push-toy. He is close, but I suspect it'll be another two or three weeks before he does it, maybe longer.
We are so happy to have Wyatt in our family. He has one spit-fire personality and keeps us moving all day, everyday. There is no such thing as sitting still for Wyatt. He is ALWAYS moving and getting into things he isn't supposed to get into. He tortures his big brother, Owen, and just sits and smiles when Owen has a tantrum because of it. He was definately the best (and maybe only) good thing that came from the year 2008!

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