Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas all in one LONG post

Christmas has come and gone (decorations started coming down at our house on December 27th), but I did want to "journal" our Holiday season this year.
Here's the run-down:
Gingerbread house: Lilly got a kit this year and really enjoyed putting it together. She didn't eat hardly anything off of it all season long, we just used it as a really cute centerpiece on the table!

Snow: Rocklin got snow. This does NOT happen very often (and we are extremely okay with this fact!). The kids really liked waking up to a blanket (1/2 - 1 inch) of snow and playing in it all day long!

Decorating for Christmas: This happened the day after Thanksgiving (I refuse to do it any sooner, but can't wait for Thanksgiving to be over to decorate for Christmas!). We had fun getting everything put up and amazed at how well all three kids did with having a Christmas tree and decorated dining room table. No one ever touched it!
Visit to Utah: I will blog more about this later this week, but wanted to mention our trip. We flew out to Utah December 18-22 to celebrate the Holidays with Clarke's family. The entire family was together for the first time in a long while, so we couldn't miss out! One of our excursions was Temple Square to see the lights and Nativity. So cool!
Lilly lost her first tooth: Lilly's tooth had been loose for some time, but she was quite freaked out by the "pulling it out" scenario. We finally held her down and just yanked it out, on Christmas Eve. She had two visitors that night: Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy!

The highlights of Christmas morning: This year Santa Claus was very good to our family. He brought Lilly a desk for her room (which meant we had to re-do her entire be blogged at a later date). Owen got a 2-wheel bike, and Wyatt got a car to ride in.
Our Christmas was simple and sweet, with not too many presents, just the way we like it. We want to teach our children Christmas isn't about Santa and "getting" gifts, but about the Savior and His birth. We are so grateful for the Savior and His birth we celebrate at Christmas-time!

We wish you all a Happy New Year!


Shelley Reid said...

Your family is adorable Sabrina. I love to see pictures of your daughter especially because she looks EXACTLY like you! Happy New Year!

Shelley Reid said...
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Chandra said...

I loved the post! The kids I'm sure had a blast!!!