Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lilly's room

The week before Christmas, we were pretty sure that Santa Claus was going to be bringing Lilly a new desk for Christmas. Don't ask how we knew, we just KNEW!
Well, to fit a new desk in her room, we needed to do some serious reorganizing (which I happen to LOVE to do!). We decided to get Ikea closet organizers, the same ones that we installed in the boys' room. With her closet space utilized much more efficiently, we were able to get rid of her dresser and free up an entire wall for her special present.
Before we could install the closet organizers, we had to paint inside. We didn't want to paint inside unless we painted the entire room.

We wanted to do beadboard in her room. This meant re-doing all the moulding in her room and adding a little extra.

Needless to say, that Christmas present has turned into a huge project.
Thanks Santa!
P.S. We are getting closer to being done. I am working on the decorating as Clarke finishes the mouldings, caulk, and painting.

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Rachel said...

Hope you post pics of the finished product soon. We'll have to compare home reno pics. :) Good job Clarkey!!!!