Friday, May 21, 2010

2 Front Teeth

Lilly is no longer the proud owner of two front teeth.

She lost each top, front teeth within days of each other. She is so stinkin' cute when she smiles and there is a gapping hole in her mouth. I love it! She also has picked up a little lisp because of those missing teeth.

Being as she is such a cautious child, we were lucky to get her to even let us yank them. The first one (where you can see her big tooth already coming in) was so loose, but she wouldn't let us pull it. We finally "tricked" her and told her we were just going to "see how wiggly" it was and "accidentally" pulled it out! OOPS! The other was a bit easier as she tripped while at the store and hit her chin on the shopping cart. The tooth was hanging on my a thread and bleeding, so we headed to the restroom. I barely touched the tooth and it was out! The tooth fairy faithfully visited each time and brought her a dollar per tooth!

I forgot to include this picture in the last post about the kids taking pictures. Lilly took this one of Owen and said, "Mom, he's flapping. Tell him to stop flapping." Sorry Lilly, I wish it was that easy. Owen flaps and flaps a lot!

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Bianca Jackson said...

There's just this certain charm with two missing front teeth, as charming as when they're still there (without the other teeth). I wonder if she ever met the Tooth Fairy. Does Lilly have permanent teeth now?