Friday, May 21, 2010

Could it be true?

Have we really finished Lilly's room?

Months later, the transformation has finally come to an end. I am happy with the way it turned out.
Oh wait...looking at these pictures makes me realize that I would like to re-do the bedding in her baby's basinet with some of the fabrics I used in her room. Tie it all it together, you know?!?! That's a project for July, that is of course if we can survive June.


Carrie said...

it looks great! good job. i wish we could get a house so i'd have a room to decorate. : ( isn't it fun to have a project like that to work on?

Gretch said...

Hey it is Gretchen Lewis! How are you guys? From the looks of it, you are doing extroadinarily well!
Mark and I are well! Our blog is
I stumbled upon your blog while looking at the Rietas blog!
Hope to hear from you! Email-
Have fun & Good night-

Gretch said...

Oh- I love Lillys room!
Great work!!