Monday, July 26, 2010


Oh what do you do in the summer-time?
Here is what we do:
We go camping (and again this weekend)
We swim at Folsom Lake
We go to Great America
We run in the sprinklers

We celebrate Owen's 5th Birthday

We have a Tea Party with 12 little girls
We go boating
We swim at Mema and Bepa's A LOT!

We also get ready for our trip to Canada in one week! AHHHHH!

Those are just some of the things we do in the summer-time

We don't blog much!

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Chandra said...

I hear yah...I'm just sitting here saying to myself that I'm so out of date with the blog b/c we have done so much ...all fun stuff, but :)! Have fun in Canada!!! You guys look great!