Saturday, June 5, 2010


Graduation at our house was yesterday, June 4th. Lilly graduated from kindergarten at Rocklin Academy and Owen graduated from preschool at Rocklin City Preshool. Of course both graduations were planned on the same day, at the same time. Lucky us!
We decided to split up, boys vs. girls.
Clarke, my dad, and Wyatt headed out to Owen's graduation.
(the handsome graduate)
(hugs from teachers)
(three of the BEST teachers we could have asked for)

Myself and my mom attended Lilly's graduation.

(beautiful little graduate)
(Miss Williams and Lilly)
(Mommy and Lilly)
FYI: Clarke took the camera and I took the video camera to capture the day. Thus, Lilly's graduation pictures are not the best quality (yet pretty good for a little video camera)

Can't believe I am going to have a first-grader AND a kindergartener next year! AHHHHHH!


Carrie said...

aww, that's sad that they happened to be at the same time! cute little graduates!

Merilee said...

Sabrina, you have such beautiful children. I love that picture of you and Lily and also the saying you chose to go above Lily's pictures in her lovely room.