Tuesday, October 5, 2010


My mom picked up this print for me for free at Education Week at BYU this year. It is an odd size so having it customed framed would cost a fortune!
Enter Knock-off Wood.
I found this tutorial from Knock-off Wood on how to make your own frames.
I made this one while Wyatt was napping one day and the other two were at school.
I got the glass cut to fit the frame. This project cost me under $20.
I think that's pretty good considering my grandma had the same print custom framed and it cost her $100!
I've already made two. They cost no less that $5 to make and they are fairly easy (the other one I made was free because I accidentally picked up a 1x2 at Home Depot that had no bar code, so they gave it to me for free!).
I might be turning into a woodshop junkie!


Gretch said...

That is a lovely print and fantastic job on the frame!! Sabrina- You are amazing!

Landon said...

I love the print! I love the frame! I want to copy them both!

Savages said...

Looks sooo good Sabrina! Gotta teach me some things!!