Sunday, October 17, 2010

100 Things

In celebration of our 100th blog post, I give you 100 random facts about the Caldwell Family.
Warning: this could be a long post!
The house:
1. We are big-time DIY'ers
2. We now have kids on our street that our kids love to play with (especailly Lilly). They are normal, good people too, which makes it all the more exciting
3. I want to re-do the backyard, however Clarke will procrastinate that project as long as he possibly can
4. Clarke's honey-do list never gets any shorter. I just add to it!
5. We'd are going to gut our kitchen early next year and I can't wait!
6. Most of the furniture in our house is hand-me-down furniture
7. Our computer room is an ode to firefighting. It's pretty cool if I do say so myself!
8. Lilly's room is always the cutest (and cleanest) one in the house
9. We have closet organizers in everyone's closet. I couldn't imagine life without them
10. My shirts are hung in rainbow order. Am I weird or do other people do that?!
1. She is the best big sister anyone could ask for!
2. She isn't competitive at all, totally opposite me!
3. She loves collecting "things". Right now she has three random rocks on her desk
4. She still sleeps with her teddy bear. He doesn't have name, just teddy bear
5. Threatening to take teddy bear away because of her age produces immediate tears (she'll be an adult with that stuffed animal)
6. She LOVES school
7. She is very social and makes friends ANYWHERE she is
8. She still lets me pick out her clothes (HORRAY!)
9. She is a nurturer. She always helps others
10. She is quite the little singer and dancer
1. He is an incredible reader
2. He loves playing computer games
3. He likes to push Wyatt when Wyatt has something he wants (we're working on that!)
4. He just recently started sleeping with a blue jay (for the Toronto Blue Jays) and a Flames teddy bear (for the Calgary Flames). Both little stuffed animals
5. He enjoys drawing slides and airplanes. If we had a penny for every slide and airplane he's drawn, we'd be millionaires, seriously!
6. He holds his pencil in the weirdest way
7. He loves jumping (on the bed and couch which constitutes a time-out)
8. He is very sensitive to sound. He will not go potty at school because of those dang automatic toilet flushers that he can't control
9. He loves singing
10. He is so special. Just looking at him is proof enough for me that there is a Heavenly Father who loves ALL his children! We are honored to be his parents
1. His personality matches his hair color
2. He will grab a picture of my dad and walk around the house saying "Bepa, Bepa, Bepa, Bepa, etc."
3. He loves men
4. He still loves his ba-ba's (don't judge, he is still just 2. It would be weird if he were 4)
5. He still doesn't really sleep through the night. Our kids all have to be taught to sleep and we are just too lazy and tired to have the scream-it-out session with him. One day...
6. He loves jumping too (which gives him pleanty of time-out's)
7. He still takes pretty good naps which is awesome for our kids
8. His feet are stinkin' fat. I have to buy expensive shoes for him just so they fit
9. He LOVES his teddy bear, just like big sister
10. His new word is "nie-ik" for milk while signing milk with his hand
1. He is currently working a 96, which means he's gone for 4 days straight!
2. He is a perfectionist. I think my Dad's perfectionism is running off on him
3. He is very good at learning new skills. You should see all the stuff he's done around the house
4. He loves his new calling (membership clerk). He likes the investigation part of it
5. He is the best dad EVER! No one can measure up to him. The kids LOVE him!
6. He is the best hubba ever too. He is constantly aware of my needs and meeting them, and more
7. He never gets angry, which angers me! =)
8. He has a great relationship with my parents, which means a lot to me
9. He the golden child, on my side and his. What the heck?!
10. He does most of the laundry. I know, I am lucky!
1. I have to make the beds and do the dishes in the morning to start the day off right
2. I just found this new stuff called dry shampoo which allows me to not have to wash my hair every day. FREEDOM!
3. I love DIY projects
4. I love to work out in the garage with Clarke.
5. I love using power tools. They are super fun!
6. I am a big-time crafter
7. I enjoy sewing
8. I am the room mom for both Lilly's class and Owen's class. What's wrong with me?
9. I am a football junkie. I will watch football anytime, anywhere
10. DIY network is my favorite channel
Clarke's job:
1. He works in Tracy, CA. That's 100 miles away from home
2. The job of a firefighter allows that commute to be manageable. He only drives there and back once a week
3. He is #1 on the promotion list for engineer
4. Tracy is having it's firefighters take furlough days. Doesn't that just sound wrong to you?
5. He just finished with the annual pancake breakfast. We didnt' make it down there this year
6. He's the "floater" this year which means he is stationed where ever they need him on any given day
7. He doesn't like being the floater, he'd like to have a permanant "house"
8. He has learned to become quite a good BBQ'er
9. His schedule is 2 days on and then 4 days off
10. He calls me every night around 9:30 to see how the day was
Our family:
1. We are HUGE BYU fans.
2. We love Big Spoon frozen yogurt
3. We are S.L.O.W.L.Y making our way through the Book of Mormon
4. Our favorite meal is french toast for dinner
5. Our kids go to bed early
6. Therefore, our kids wake up VERY early
7. We love swimming
8. We decorate for every holiday and the kids have pillow cases for every holiday
9. He have never had our family photos professionally done. My dad takes them
10. We sing at least 4 Primary songs every night before bed
1. The AC in the van in broken which makes this really long summer nasty hot!
2. The sliding door on our van is acting up too
3. I really hate having to fix car problems
4. The shelves hanging in our family room are 1/2 inch off, but no one would know!
5. We have a guinea pig on our kitchen counter right now. She's getting returned to the 1st grade class tomorrow!
6. Our room is the dumping ground for piles in our house. Why is that?
7. We have carpet in our master bath. That should be out-lawed!
8. There is a pigeon that makes it's nest on our overhang in our backyard. Clarke, another reason to tear that thing down!!
9. I like watching Border Wars and Ice Road Truckers...I know totally random!
10. Lilly turns 8 on 11-11-11. Pretty cool, huh?! Maybe her baptism can be on that day?!
Our future:
1. Clarke and I are going to New York next year for our 10 year annivesary
2. We hope to get Owen potty trained...soon. We're getting there
3. We hope to get Wyatt potty trained soon too. We are SICK of diapers!
4. We're going to be getting Clarke a "new" car very shortly. The Saturn has been great to us, but she's on her last legs!
5. I'd like to get our Christmas photo taken in the next few weeks
6. A kitchen re-do is high our our "wish" list
7. We are going to Disneyland (thanks Grandma!) right after Thanksgiving
8. I'd like to get our chirstmas tree at Mt. Charlies in Santa Cruz this year
9. We'd like to go to Hawaii someday!
10. It would be nice to inherit a million dollars!

To all those who actually read all 100 totally random things about the Caldwell Family:
Holy Cow, you are crazy!
The end!


Savages said...

You are such a cute family! It's fun to read all about you guys!

Merilee said...

Your family is so cool. It was fun reading ALL about you.;)

Carrie said...

no, i didn't read all 100 but i read SOME! does that count for something?

our internet connection has been so bad for months, that i haven't been able to keep up with anyone's blogs. i'm finally trying to catch up a bit.

i saw that you guys like knock-off wood, too. we love that site. we made three bookshelves (i think they were from the bedford collection? pottery barn style) last year, and we're going to make a bed (stratford? i'm not sure if i'm remembering the collection names right) this week to keep things organized after the baby comes.

so nice to be able to afford the furniture you WANT, isn't it?

Angela Hunter said...

I almost read all 100. That was fun. I feel like I got a super quick update on all things Caldwell Family. No need for a Christmas letter now!! :)