Saturday, November 13, 2010


A few weeks ago, we were privilaged to have Nibbles, Lilly's class guinea pig, home for the weekend with us. I cannot tell you how excited I was to have a rodent in the house for 72 hours. It was awesome! (can you sense my sarcasm?!)
We got to bring Nibbles home on Friday afternoon. The teacher sends the guinea pig home on the weekends with families in her class so Nibbles isn't by itself during the weekend. I truly believe she has another motive in that she doesn't have to be the one to clean it's cage-that becomes the responsibility of the family bringing the pet home.
After cleaning the cage out while the kids played with it (and using countless Clorox wipes and other disinfectant products), we gave Nibbles a bath. Holy cow, that animal poops like mad when in the bath.
Wyatt loved Nibbles. I am surprised that the guinea pig survived our house. Three crazy kids running around trying to catch it, probably almost gave it a heart attack. Considering how many times it pooped, I think we were literally scaring the poop out of it!
All in all, the kids had fun with Nibbles and it survived it's weekend here at the Caldwell house!

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Chandra said...

HAHA! CUTE! We watched our neighbor's gunea pig for 10 days once! It was really interesting. One thing is for sure....we are NOT getting one! :) But, the kids loved it and it was fun! :)