Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas with the Wheelers

We spend Christmas every other year with Clarke's family. Since this year was a "Caldwell Christmas," we celebrated Christmas with my family the Sunday before. We had Grandma Reichhold, Grandpa Wheeler, Mom and Dad over for dinner and presents.

Mommy, Lilly and Owen (Don't you just love their outfits...After Christmas sale at Gymboree last year)

Daddy, Lilly and Owen (Wyatt was asleep for these pics, but he was matching too!)

4 Generations (Sabrina, Lilly, Mom and Grandma)

I love setting a cute table for the holidays (didn't it turn out great?...if I must say so myself)

Here are some of the favorite presents we got this year:

Wyatt's "bumbo seat"

Bikes for Clarke and I

Train set for Owen

Scooter for Owen (and Lilly)
Lilly also received a stroller for her American Girl baby, named Hayley.
We had a wonderful Christmas! We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful family.
More posts later from our Utah Christmas...

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Angela Hunter said...

Hey! Looks like you had a great Christmas! You will love your bikes, when it gets warm enough to ride them. I hope you had a fun time in Utah. I can't imagine traveling there during the winter. You're a trooper! Hopefully we can get together sometime this year!!